A Twin Birth Story Pt 1: Trying to Get to the Hospital

Let’s get right to it because infant twins don’t leave you much time for leisurely reminiscing. Or leisurely anything else. Consider this Living With Twins Tip 1: Get over your enjoyment of leisure.

My twins spent nearly the entire pregnancy transverse to the point that they broke one of my ribs (confirmed by x-ray) around 7 months. But right at the time that most twins are being born, 35-36 weeks, Baby A flipped head down and Baby B settled in as breech. Since I had previously delivered 3 babies vaginally my doctors decided that despite the breech baby I was a great candidate to have the twins the same way, if they ever decided to be born.

Like an elephant I was surely pregnant for two years and so (at 38 weeks) I was scheduled to be induced…unlike an elephant. On the day of the induction I was to call the OB unit at 4am to make sure that they had room for me. I figured this was just some strange formality, but let me assure you that it was not.

Middle of the night:
* They call and tell me not to come, they’re full. Call back later.
* Text my doula friend.
* Text my babysitter friend.

Ridiculously Early o’clock:
* I call back. Still full.
* Cry on the phone with the nurse. I’m so pregnant.
* Hang up
* Cry More
* Text all the people

Early Morning
* Have the babysitter come because surely they’re going to call me soon.
* Hubby and I go out for breakfast.
* Post pitiful pictures on FB.
* Still full and can’t tell me when they might have a bed for me
* Hubby and I go to Ikea and buy a changing table because despite three kids and 38 weeks we don’t have one
* Post more pitiful pictures on FB and more texting sympathetic people
* Check in with the hospital. Maybe I can annoy them into admitting me. No room in the inn.

* Most pathetic homecoming ever
* Explain to confused children why I’m still pregnant
* Cry more and take a nap
* Hubby goes for a run
* Continue to gestate

Late Afternoon
* Mope
* Get a Frozen Lemonade from Chick Fil A
* Read book to current baby of the family

Early Evening
* Hospital finally calls!
* Just over 12 hours after I was supposed to be induced we are finally on our way to the hospital!!

One thought on “A Twin Birth Story Pt 1: Trying to Get to the Hospital”

  1. I am working OB these days and our charge nurse sometimes has to postpone inductions on busy days too. She HATES doing it because it is so stressful for moms. Most often it happens when 4 or 5 other women have arrived in active labor during the night, and there’s simply not enough staff (sometimes not even an empty room) for a mom coming in to be induced. But, oh, that must have been so hard for you!!!
    Your precious babies are adorable!

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