The Night Before Homeschool (2017)

This was originally posted on my FB page I started this on a whim just before midnight and stayed up too late to finish it even though we were starting our sixth year of homeschooling in the morning…it’s a pretty good indicator of how I make most of my decisions these days.

Twas the Night Before Homeschool by Jamey Hatter, all rights reserved

Twas the night before homeschool and all through the house
not a child was sleeping, I don’t think we have a mouse.
The ten year old was crying because of the cat,
who had hurt his paw and might die at the drop of a hat.

I, his mother said no, the cat was just fine,
but he kept crying so I poured more wine.
The twins were congested and snot covered their faces
One was up, one was down, they just kept trading places.

Just then on Grey’s Anatomy arose such a clatter,
it was only a simple surgery—what could be the matter?!
Then I heard the toddler and paused it in a flash,
Don’t judge me, I won’t share my chocolate stash.

I carried him back upstairs and filled his cup with water
while I thought about McDreamy, he couldn’t have been much hotter.
I made it back to the living room, but to the closet did look
And all I could see was book after book after book.

Through geography, grammar, spelling, and math,
history, reading, and Latin I must make a path!
(We sometimes do science, but I’m not going to lie
because other days I simply cannot even try)

I have a fifth grader! A third grader too!
A three year old AND twins…what am I gonna do?
Don’t even ask me about socialization
have you seen what’s going on in our nation?!

My kids are smart, they are kind, and they love to read-
so really as a mother what else do I need?
Actually, I can think of a couple of things
that I want them to do as they grow up and spread their wings.

If they get something out, they should put it away,
I need to be sure they work, learn, and play.
I don’t want them to feel like they missed out on school
and so I have to teach them whatever is cool.

The big kids want phones, but that’s a firm no.
Be polite, but speak your mind wherever you go.
Every race, belief, and gender you treat with respect
These are just a few of the things I expect.

But there’s also the laundry, the dishes, the food,
YouTube Kids, teaching fractions, endless attitude,
I need to remember to say yes and have fun,
but it also wouldn’t hurt to make time to go run.

This year will be different! I’m going to relax!
My husband is amazing and I have my Xanax!
We’ll go at our own pace, and I will not compare…
Wait, what are they studying in the co-op over there?

It really will be fine at the end of the day,
because I’ve always been comfortable doing it my way.
All these pieces of my life make my to-do list longer
I wouldn’t even change it because challenges make me stronger.

Tomorrow, to be sure, we get a fresh start
Wait, did I plan anything for art?
I have five kids and there will be plenty of crazy
but for each of those moments there will be two that amaze me.

Everything that’s a distraction from my mind I will shove
and I’ll teach my kids to listen, to think, to and love.
Because really, it doesn’t get better than that
And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to put Neosporin on the cat.

Happy Homeschool Eve to All!

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